The Women’s Auxiliary of the Ligure Club was founded in 1938.  The idea was a dream of two women and with six members, they began to hold their meetings in each other’s homes twice-a-month.  After a short time, they met with the men and asked if they would recognize them as their auxiliary and let them use one of the rooms above the bar area of their club to hold their meetings.  We are told that the room was no bigger than a large walk-in closet.  As the membership grew in number, they were allowed to use a larger room. After their business meeting and refreshments, they would play cards or bingo for fun and enjoyment.  Later, they met only once-a-month and that tradition is still followed today.

Many of our current members are the second and third generation to some of our founding members.  Our Italian heritage and customs have been handed down to us by our parents and grandparents who were born in Italy, but who settled in the Temescal or West Oakland areas after coming to California.

The clubs were formed out of necessity because of the language barriers and because they needed somewhere to meet for social activities.  Picnics, dinners and dances were held frequently and a bond of friendship formed among them.  Today, these bonds are carried on through their children and family members, as well, and are stronger than ever.  Before the clubs were organized, many of the dances and parties were held in the basements of their homes to carry on the traditions they brought from Italy.

We are grateful to our founders, for if it were not for them, we would not have the opportunity to have such a unique organization.  We are very active in supporting a scholarship fund, charities and families in need.  It is our aim to continue to do so even more in the future with the help of our fourth generation. They are beginning to join our Auxiliary membership and are actively supporting our sponsored events; all in the Italian spirit of carrying on for us in the future.